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2013-06-22 16:40:30 by Jemmuh

We bought a house.


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2013-06-23 23:49:24

Did you? Congrats! Hope the mortgage is something you can live with and pay off PDQ.


2013-07-10 00:11:42

STEP 1: Fill it with many beautiful concubines.
STEP 2: Fill all remaining gaps with blue jello.
At least, that's what I would do with my house... sigh. One day.


2013-07-14 17:49:03

I've really enjoyed all the work you've uploaded here!
Say, what was the 'what' link? doesn't seem to be around anymore...


2013-07-18 21:16:23

My old English teacher used to rake his fingernails across the blackboard, and I had a few male teachers, who had duct taped yardsticks, for slamming on the table and/or briefcase... but that's shocking, not cringing.

I'll check out that flick one of these days, legally, unfortunately :| Verizon's not too bad when it comes to torrents, but I gotta pick and choose carefully, lest I be sued by the RIAA sharks.


2013-09-07 00:11:34

Holy shmoly! Your art is amazing! :) Can't wait to see more! Glad I stumbled upon your page!

(Updated ) Jemmuh responds:

You're too kind, my dear! Here's hoping college slows down a little bit... I'm left with very little time to draw and even less energy/creativity/what have you. Nnnnghhhng B-(